16–18 October 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this year's exhibition different from previous years?

Entry and selection are the same but the exhibition will be solely online.

Selected artworks can be viewed and purchased online the Art Show 2020 page on the Gallery247 portal

There will be an online opening celebration and award ceremony

Once your work is sold the artist is responsible for sending it to the address provided by Gallery247

I don't have a computer. Do you accept manual entries?

No. All entries are via the Gallery 247 website.

Can I pay my entry fee by cheque or electronic funds transfer?

No. We only accept online payments via credit card.

What works are not acceptable?

As this is a school exhibition and the audience is broad it is the discretion of the curators and selection panel to monitor the content of the exhibition. Any artwork deemed inappropriate will not be accepted.

When will I be notified whether my work was accepted?

That information is on this page >

Why was my work not accepted into the show?

If you did not put a photograph of the artwork with your entry then the entry will be rejected automatically. We never accept works sight unseen.

Our professional selection panel decides on a blend of artworks to suit the exhibition as a whole curated event.

If the artwork was of a non-acceptable type (see above).

I sold my painting before the show opens. What do I do?

Up until judging of accepted works is completed (see lock-down date here) you may substitute another work. Just advise us of the name of the work that has sold and the name of the work to substitute in its place (the substitute work must be in your Gallery 247). Substitutions are at our sole discretion. After judging of accepted works is completed substitutions are not possible and you have forfeited your entry fee.

When will I get paid for my sales?

Within 14 days from the end of the exhibition. Payments will go into the bank account you specified in your Gallery 247 profile.

When and where do I drop off my artworks?

DO NOT SEND US YOUR ARTWORKS. Due to restrictions due to COVID 19, this year’s exhibition is solely online, you will be given shipping details for your artwork(s) once they have been sold.

When and where do I pick up my unsold works?

During the entry, selection and exhibition process your artworks REMAIN IN YOUR POSSESSION, Gallery247 will send out shipping information once work is sold.


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