26-28 November 2021
Studio 120 - 120 Bay St
Port Melbourne

The Butterfly Effect by Steven Cole

ARTIST NOTES: As we pass through life we are influenced by positive & negative people this I call the butterfly effect On sale are replications of this original work


DIMENSIONS (Height - 90.00 cm X Width - 60.00 cm )
GENRE Contemporary
REGISTERED NRN # 000-38957-0134-01
COPYRIGHT © Steven Cole
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Artist: Steven Cole



Steven is a bit of a late comer to exhibiting in the world of art.

Although Steven has been drawing & painting from a young age. There were things in his life that took him away from the passion. This creative void was somewhat filled by learning the art of becoming a neon craftsman while using the talent to make neon art pieces for his own pleasure. Steven has now with almost 40 years of honing the craft, the burning desire to be an artist has been reignited.


As a contemporary visual artist Steven’s heart felt works are symbolic, they are drawn from personal feelings, experiences & living with a form of anxiety, Steven also enjoys using neon as a light form to create works, possibilities for experimentation in the medium of neon and plasma with their illuminating qualities.The art of illuminated glass was developed as an art & light source prior to neon becoming a commerialised as neon signage constantly inspired by the endless


One of Steven’s proudest work is a dedication to his father the original neon maker of the current Skipping girl “little Audrey” model which has dawned the Melbourne skyline for many decades.

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